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Walk-In Bathtubs Give You the Choice of Being More Independent

Not everyone is aware of how much Walk in Bathtubs can simplify their lives. For most people, a regular bathtub poses no obstacle: they can get in and out easily, without even thinking about it.31 by 40 by 40-Inch Hydrotherapy Walk In Bathtub Spa Right Side Door, White:Advanced watertight walk-in tub door system- right side outward swinging door for ease of entry into tub- outward door swing for exiting tub.15-Inch high ADA compliant contoured seat, color matched grab bar and non-slip floor.51-Gallon maximum water capacity. Unfortunately, for a significant part of the population, even those simple movements can be a problem.

Getting in and out of the Tub Is Easy with a Walk-In Safety Bathtub

 Suddenly, the simple act of entering and exiting a bathtub can be a challenging task – or even an impossible one and that's where walk in bathtubs will benefit the most especially if you have a small area and are looking for a compact walk-in bathtub.

Relax – that’s where the walk-in bathtubs come to the rescue. It’s hard enough not to be able to do these simple tasks alone – let alone need to have someone assist you in these intimate moments, having to bother someone to bathe you, etc.

Installing a Walk-In Bathtub Gives You Peace of Mind for Safety

 But if you replace your bath tub with a walk-in bathtub model, you’ll be able to be responsible for your own personal hygiene and bathing. Entering in and out of these bathtubs does not require any extra effort and is easily accessible to all but the most severely disabled people.

A Great Solution for Entering and Exiting Your Bathtub

 Walk-in bathtubs are designed to give you an easy solution of entering and exiting your bathtub. They are designed to have a door for the entryway and comfortable seat that you sit in while you are bathing. When the door is locked, it gives a tight seal and holds in the water.Crescendo 36 x 60in Walk-In Soaker Therapeutic BathTub :Walk in Soaker Bath Features -Walk in soaker bath. -White color -Available Drain location: right side, left side -Industrial strength fiberglass construction with a Triple Gel Coat -Slip-resistant tub floor -Built-in contoured 17in chair-height seat for easy up and down.Overall dimensions: 38 H x 36 W x 60in D. 4 Piece Deluxe Faucet Set Features: -Part of the Therapeutic Tubs collection -With extendable shower wand. This type of designed will help many people with disabilities.

 If you have a walker there will be no problem on how you enter and get out of the walk-in tub. Everyone has different personal needs and comfort levels. You should always visit a local showroom and try out one of these walk-in safety bathtubs and see whether it is what you're looking for.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Walk-In Bathtub

When you are looking for your walk-in bathtub consider choosing a door that swings to the inside this way the pressure of the water helps the doors stay closed and sealed. Walk-in bathtubs do not always fit in certain bathrooms, Because of this you will be pleased to know that you can install it anywhere that you have access to plumbing and a drain.

If you don’t know where to start, browsing through the available Walk in Bathtubs models on the manufacturers’ websites should be enough to give you a general idea. After that you can contact them directly (or a nearby retailer) and sort out the details. Before you know it you can have your new bathroom done and ready for easier bathing. Life is hard enough already; make sure bathing isn’t more than it has to be.

Premier Bathtubs| Helping people with Walk in Bathtubs & Accessories for Accessibility
Premier bathtubs are the world leader in walk in bathtubs. If youre looking for this particular type of bathtub, you have come to the right place.Established in 1985, Premier bathtubs have quickly gained a wide reputation in walk in bathtubs, helping thousands of elderly and disabled people around the world.

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