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Cultured Marble Bathtub, For the exquisite Bathroom Bathtub Decor

A Cultured Marble Bathtub can make your bathroom look better than you’ve ever dreamed, at a very affordable cost. Unlike real marble slates, which are extremely expensive and easily stained, cultured marble is a fine choice for kitchens and bathrooms all around the world. Considering its growth since it timidly appeared in the 1960’s, it’s easy to predict cultured marble bathtubs will keep on growing at an ever increasing pace through the coming years.

 Cultural Marble Bathtubs Are a Better Choice for Durability and Maintenance

Although marble can look great in a bathroom, its porous properties make it a bad choice for regular homes. Shampoos, hair conditioning products - not to mention hair coloring dies – can permanently stain it beyond repair. Fortunately that’s not the case with cultured marble bathtubs: its resin coating makes it virtually impervious to all those chemical agents – and therefore, a suitable choice for your bathtub and wall panels. In fact, no matter what you need for your bathroom, a bathtub or shower stall, cultured marble is the best material for it.

These Luxury Bathtubs Are a Very Affordable and Beautiful Addition to Any Bathroom

 Cultural Marble Bathtubs are very beautiful addition to any bathroom. This is a very affordable luxury bathtub that any bathroom would deserve and supply you with many years of durability with low maintenance.

There are many benefits for cultured marble bathtubs:

  • They are waterproof and leak proof.
  • Compared to natural marble they are more versatile.
  • The benefit of being resistant to mold, mildew and fungus.
  • No joint seems or grout lines that will leak or create mold.
  • Cultural marble is a stain resistant nonporous surface.
  • Cultural marble is affordable and easy to clean.

Why Are Cultural Marble Bathtubs so Durable

Cultural marble bathtubs are made for durability with low maintenance. The reason that it can give you this guarantee is how it's made. The process is taking cultured marble that is crushed into small particles and then mixed with polyester resins that will give you a seamless surface. This surface is then protected with a gel coat which gives it its properties of being impervious to stains and water.

Although some people still consider cultured marble to be a synthetic product, over 70% of it is composed of actual marble dust. Only the remaining 30% or less are synthetic, making it a prime candidate for countless applications throughout your house. If you want marble’s good look without any of its drawbacks, and at a price you can afford, getting a waterproof "cultured marble bathtub" is the best thing you can get for your bathroom.

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